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Windows 11: What does the new operating system bring?

The success story of the Windows operating system already began in 1985. In October 2021, the latest chapter was added with Windows 11. How does the system differ from its predecessor and is an update worthwhile?

A fresh look that should please many users

What is immediately noticeable after the start is the fresh look in which Windows 11 presents itself. The design is recognizably oriented towards intuitive menu navigation. This is already apparent when looking at the desktop: Similar to a smartphone, the taskbar is now centered.

What will also remind many of their cell phones are the widgets: useful displays ranging from the weather to the traffic situation in the region. Users also have access to One Drive or photos with one click. Does that sound familiar? That’s right, it’s been around before, both on Vista and Windows 10, but this is the first time the widgets appear really well integrated.

The new Start menu (still available via the Start or Windows button) is also modern, tidy and user-friendly. At the top, there are pinned programs – users decide for themselves which ones they want to place here for DeepL access. In the lower part, recently opened programs and files can be found. All very handy.

But where are the other programs in Windows 11? You can find a list of all installed components by clicking on “Programs” in the Start menu.

Attention: The taskbar is dynamic. If you open more programs, the Windows button moves to the left. Looks nice, but is less practical if you click “by feel” – rather look where the button is currently located.

In detail, there are also a number of other changes that will be visible after the Windows 11 update, for example the themes. Once again, the boundaries between desktop PC and mobile device blur here. As known from the smartphone, you can choose from different graphic themes. Light or dark, colored or white title bars? There are a number of options to personalize Windows 11 – the choice is yours.

Tip: If you’re opening Windows 11 for the first time, you might be surprised by the new File Explorer. The menu under the title bar has been slimmed down quite a bit. Honestly, most of the features of the Windows 10 display (Select All, Select Nothing, Invert Selection) were needed by few users at all. The new display has been reduced to essential elements like copy and cut – of course, the other functions are still available. If you still want the old design back, you can activate it in the system.

Where can I find the search function in Windows 11?
Curious: The popular search function has disappeared from the lower menu bar. It can now be found at the top of the Start menu. This is only a small thing, but many regret the loss of the DeepL access. Therefore, another tip: The key combination Win + S opens the search reliably.

Anyway, the search is still a very useful function. However, it has weaknesses. If you do not only want to find apps, but also files, you are often lost after the Windows 11 update – namely whenever the file you are looking for is not contained in an indexed folder. There is a solution for this: Under Settings -> Privacy & Security -> Search Windows, there is the function “Customize search locations”. The option “extended” ensures that the search searches through all folders.

Conclusion: Windows 11 should please many users
More intuitive elements, easy usability, tidier impression: Windows 11 clearly appeals to modern users. The design has been changed very coherently, and the new functions also make sense. The menu bar and the centered taskbar might be unfamiliar at first. However, these are subtleties that we have quickly gotten used to with every new Windows version so far.

Is the update to Windows 11 free of charge?
Interest aroused? In view of the new features, many would like to buy Windows 11 cheaply. Good to know: Those who use a current Windows 10 version usually get the update to Windows 11 for free.

But beware: your PC must meet the system requirements for Windows 11. These include:

At least 64 GB of memory
At least 4 GB RAM
64-bit processor with 1 GHz or more performance
Display with more than nine inches diagonal and at least 720 p resolution.

You also need an Internet connection and a Microsoft account (can be created online for free).

Buy Windows 11 cheap: a good choice?
Windows 11 brings an intuitive design and some new features. For most users, an update certainly makes sense. Those who don’t have the option to update for free have several options to buy Windows 11 cheap. One of the cheapest options to purchase software is to buy used licenses. This is legally compliant and audit-proof. We offer a range of up-to-date software solutions for private and business users, including operating systems such as Windows 11 at a low price.

But is a Windows 11 update the right choice for everyone? Not always. For example, there may be a difficulty if different operating systems are used in the company. The constant retraining of employees alone is a challenge, and the compatibility of programs is a second problem. Those who use older versions of Windows are therefore often better off keeping the existing version. There is also no reason for a hasty change: support for Windows 10 will be continued by Microsoft for several more years (as of 2022 until 10/2025). If you are looking for older Windows versions for your company, you can also find used licenses at a reasonable price here.

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