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Reduce completely unnecessary IT expenses with the help of used software.

We at S2-Software offer you legally compliant and manufacturer-compliant Microsoft licenses for your company. The remarketing of volume licenses results in a high savings potential.

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And so simple it goes:


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Used software - thought modern!

What are the arguments for the use of pre-owned software in your company? Very briefly: You receive the performance of the original programs at considerably more favourable conditions. The full potential of the used software strategy unfolds when working with a professional partner like S2-Software. We have specialized in the trade with used business software. As an experienced dealer, we offer our customers not only solutions tailored to their needs, but also individual advice and legal security through professional processes.

What is used software?
...and why are already used computer programs not like old cars?

The principle is ancient: Goods, for example cars, are much cheaper if they are not bought new but used. This is no less true for software - with one significant difference: Unlike brake discs, tires and co., programs like Microsoft Office do not wear out. On the other hand, they do their job just like on the first day. Nevertheless, the licenses of S2 Software are up to 67% cheaper compared to buying new software - and that with full legal security!

How does the trade with used software work?

For the users it makes almost no difference whether they use used or new software. After completing the purchase process, you will receive a data carrier for installation (and further documents, see below). This enables and entitles you to use a version of Microsoft Office, Windows Server or another program. Users will benefit from the full range of functions offered by the license purchased.

On the part of S2-Software the principle works as follows: We are in contact with many medium and large companies that use the corresponding software as first users. If the changeover to another version is planned or licenses are no longer needed for other reasons, there is the possibility of selling them. In this way, the companies get back part of their original investment sum and therefore have a great interest in driving this process forward.



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